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What is a Community Larder?

In the wake of the pandemic, we are working with partner organisations to set up a network of community larders in St Austell and the surrounding Clay Country. These community larders are open to everyone and enable us to reduce food waste by taking surplus food collected from supermarkets and allowing people a chance to use it. This helps to reduce our impact on the environment and helps save money – everyone’s a winner!


It makes no sense to throw away perfectly good food when it can still be used to make delicious meals and snacks. We collect bread, pastries, fruit and vegetables, eggs, dried and tinned foods and snacks that are all perfectly good to eat, even if their Best Before date has expired.

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We also distribute frozen food. This can either be frozen meals prepared by the Hive Project, using food that would otherwise have gone to waste, or food items that we have been able to freeze to extend their life-span. This food is all perfectly safe to eat, provided it is thoroughly defrosted, cooked following any cooking instructions and eaten within 24 hours of defrosting.    

Unfortunately, for food safety reasons we cannot give away chilled food that has a Use-By date that has expired, unless it has been frozen prior to this date.

What else do community larders do?

By working with various partners, we are able to secure food that is used to provide additional food bags for people who are struggling financially, or facing a crisis in their lives. These food bags are available free.

To access this Food Bag Support Scheme, people need to complete a simple request form. For further details please contact us on 01726 858 657.

How much does it cost?

Everything available at the community larder is free. If you would like to make a donation to show your support, we would be very grateful. We use any donations to purchase food given away to local families through our Food Bag Support Scheme.

Where is my nearest community larder?

A growing network of pop-up community larders are being established by Treverbyn Community Trust and other supporting organisations. Please see below for a schedule of their locations and timings.

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We are also proud to be starting the first round of our mobile community larder on the 21st January 2021 and then every Thursday to visit the villages of Roche, St Dennis, St Columb Major, Indian Queens, Fraddon and Minorca Lane, Bugle.


Here is a timetable for the mobile community larder. We look forward to seeing you there.

Mobile community larder thursday route jn 2021

And here are the two NEW ROUTES starting on the 22nd Feb 2021 and 10th March respectively

 Mobile community larder monday route feb 2021             Mobile community larder wednesday route mar 2021

If you have any queries about the Community Larders, wish to volunteer or make a donation to support this work, or would like to enquire about the Food Bag Support Scheme, please contact us on 01726 858 657. We shall be pleased to hear from you.