The UK is now officially in lockdown so why not use this time to catch up on all the things you hadn’t previously had time for. Read that book you borrowed from a friend, get the garden ready for summer, or why not try a brand new hobby instead? Here is our list of fabulous things we’ve found which are all accessible from the comfort of your own home.

The Body Coach TV. An experienced fitness coach with a range of YouTube videos of keep fit lessons for all ages and abilities, including seniors. He is also live broadcasting ‘P.E with Joe’ at 9am every weekday morning – A fun H.I.I.T session aimed at school kids but also brilliant for active adults too. A great start to each day.

Stitch Together – An online stitching project for kids and young adults but also great for absolute beginners. Daily video tutorials on how to sew.

BorrowBox – An online e-library with a great selection of ebooks and e-readers all for free with your Cornwall library membership card.

Jigsaw library – We are operating a free jigsaw library from the Hall. If you want to borrow a jigsaw, we can bring it to your doorstep and then collect it once you’ve finished. To reserve or book, contact us through the post pinned to the top of our facebook page.