October 7, 2020 7:07 pm

Are you a fan of the Great British Bake Off ? Because we are 🙂 Here at Treverbyn Community Hall we’ve been inspired by the show for many years , organising our own Treverbyn version of it for years….before this year with its particular circumstances.

However , this year we have an added reason to be fans of the show…and that is Marc E …as he is known in the competition.

Baker marc

Baker marc2


A keen and skilled baker, we have been lucky enough to know Marc as his work with ReachOut, back in the days when he was practicing his best recipes, including experimenting with his favourite bread bakes.

Img 20200204 142900

(Image from earlier this year practicing with one of the ReachOut participants)

This week it was bound to be Marc’s week on the show and hopefully the first of Marc’s achievements. It was inspiring to see him win with a Buddhist inspired creation.

We are very glad to follow Marc’s journey on the show and supportive of his passion and talent. Hoping he’ll always be a busy baker enjoying what he loves best.


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